Inheriting property can prove to be bittersweet sometimes. It is great to find out that someone thought of you and chose to leave their property with you after they are gone. However, an inherited house can come with some challenges especially when there are a lot of unanswered questions. You will need professional advice to ensure you make the right decision concerning this newly acquired property.

common questions inherited property

In most cases, homeowners acquire homes on a mortgage basis. It is important to find out whether the house you are inheriting has a mortgage on it. Jessica Bleck explains what you should do in one of these situations:

What Should I Do if I Inherited a House with No Mortgage?

If you find yourself in a situation where you have inherited a house, the first thing to understand is whether or not there is still a mortgage.

If you inherit a house with a mortgage, you, unfortunately, inherit the mortgage as well which can be a big financial cost.

But, what if you’re in the opposite situation?

Are you wondering, what should I do if I inherited a house with no mortgage?

This is the best case scenario when inheriting a house. You are left with a few options on what you can do with your mortgage-free home. Read more at John Medina Buys Houses…

A mortgage-free home will allow you to freely decide the best course of action to take.

common questions inherited property

Another common question that arises when it comes to selling inherited houses is capital gains. Liz Weston clarifies this matter in the following post:

Figuring out capital gains when an inherited house is sold. Spoiler: They’re probably small

Dear Liz: I’ve have been following your responses related to the tax exemption on home sales. I understand that up to $250,000 per person of home sale profit is exempt from capital gains taxes and that married couples are entitled to exempt up to $500,000.

My spouse and her two siblings inherited a home from their parents. My father-in-law passed away four years ago, and my mother-in-law died last year. My wife was assigned as executor of their living trust. Who is entitled to take the tax exemption of the proceeds from the sale of the house? My wife? All three siblings? All of the above and their spouses? Read more at Los Angeles Times…

You’ll need to be sure about certain important details, especially when you inherit property with your siblings or other relatives, in order to avoid unnecessary trouble.

common questions inherited property

Selling your inherited house will attract some taxes and if you’re wondering how they will be calculated, Julie Ryan Evans has the answer for you:

If You Inherit a House and Sell It, How Are the Profits Taxed?

If you sell your house and make a profit, you must pay capital gains tax—so does the same rule apply when you inherit a house from a deceased relative? The truth is that inheriting property can be taxing—both emotionally and financially. The amount you must pay when you sell an inherited property can indeed take a toll on your bottom line. But before we discuss the details, let’s take a closer look at what capital gains tax actually is. Read more at Realtor…

The bottom line when it comes to selling inherited property is that each situation is unique and will be handled according to its specific circumstances. Ensure you get the right advice for your actual circumstances.

common questions inherited property

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