When it comes to selling a house, it doesn’t matter why you are selling it – the transaction is always a big deal. One reason why you don’t want any mistakes with your home selling process is because the financial implications are quite significant. A house or home is one of the main assets you own. So you need to ensure you get the best out of it.

home selling options

For that reason, if you have butterflies in your stomach about selling your home, that’s perfectly normal. One way you can be more at ease with the process is to get to know as much as you can about it. Today, we’ll start by looking at your home selling options. The following post describes some of them:

How to sell your house – different methods

Instruct an estate agent

Estate agents, quite literally, hold the key to many doors and are, therefore, often successful in finding any potential buyers for your property, as well as helping you to find your new home.

Estate agents will guide you every step of the way when selling your house and can provide you with a property valuation, organise any viewings, help in negotiations and support in any situations that arise once you have a buyer in place.

That said, when selling your house with an estate agent, it is important that you consider estate agents will indeed be taking a particular percentage of the property’s sale price and, therefore, have a vested interest to sell properties quickly and for the maximum value possible. It is, as a result, worth considering negotiating with your estate agent. Read more at Quick Move Now…

You could choose to let the experts – such as real estate agents, do what they know best, or avoid them altogether. The choice is yours.

home selling options

The other options you need to check out are connected to the timing of the sale of your home. Bill Gassett explains some of the ones you’ll do well to consider:

The Timing Options of Buying and Selling a Home

Getting the Timing Right – Your Options for Buying and Selling

The timing of selling a home and buying another one is delicate and requires solid planning before you act. You want to make the sales and buying process, and the transfer between the two, as painless as possible.

But unless you are a financially secure enough to carry two mortgages at the same time, feeling uncomfortable is probably inevitable. You are going to be in a stressful position for a period of time.

Fortunately, you are not the first to make the change. Plenty of other people have successfully sold a home and bought another one, and you can do the same! Read more at MaxReal Estate Exposure…

Timing could either mean an amazing sale for you, or a huge loss, so choose wisely. The best advice to follow is: Never be in a hurry when making huge financial deals.

home selling options

If all the conditions are right and you believe the timing is right, you could opt to work with an investor. The following post describes some of the reasons why selling a house to an investor could be a valid option for you:

Why Sell Your Phoenix House to an Investor?

Homeowners are usually considering three options when they are selling their home. The first is to hire a realtor and turn the process over to the professional, the second is to sell the home themselves- normally to save money, and the third is to sell to an investor. There are many advantages to selling directly to an investor.

If a home owner is selling for a specific reason such as to settle a divorce, to relocate or to avoid foreclosure, then time is their biggest disadvantage. They don’t want to wait for several weeks or months of open houses to generate an offer or two. They want to make a deal quickly and be able to move on with their plans. Selling to an investor normally results in a closing time of about seven days. Read more at Phoenix Home Buyers Group…

Whether you’re in Phoenix or Florida, it’s important that you first determine your options. Afterwards, you need to ensure that the investor you choose to work with is legitimate and good at what they do.

home selling options

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