If you are going to succeed at anything you do, you need a good plan and strategy on how to execute it. Selling your house is one project you definitely want to be successful in. One of the options you can choose to go with is listing your home with an agent. You will both agree on how to work together and see to it that your plan works.

listing your home with an agent

The first thing you need to be clear about is how to choose the best agent. Elizabeth Weintraub explains the dos and don’ts of selecting an agent:

How to Choose a Listing Agent

Two of the biggest mistakes home sellers make when choosing a listing agent are selecting an agent solely based on the following two things:

Highest list price for your home

Lowest commission

At first glance, a seller might say, “What? Are you nuts?” Because sellers want the highest possible price and to pay the least amount of commission. But those two criteria have very little to do with hiring a competent agent and, in many instances, are completely irrelevant.

Let’s look at why… Read more at The Balance…

Avoid the usual approach of choosing an agent based on the most obvious benefits, as this may not hold water in your specific circumstance. Besides, you want to avoid getting disappointed at all cost.

listing your home with an agent

Once you get the perfect agent to work with, there are a number of scenarios that could arise as you seek out the best buyer. Margaret Heidenry explains what could happen in a situation in which you find a buyer on your own after hiring an agent:

Selling Your House Privately If You Have a Listing Agent: OK or a Big N-O?

So your home is for sale, and you’ve signed a contract with a real estate agent, but you were actually able to nab a buyer through your own efforts. Maybe it was through word of mouth or your aggressive push on Facebook (you should really apologize to your friends for posting so many pictures of your house!), but someone is writing you an offer and really wants to buy your house. Having found a buyer on your own, are you still legally obligated to pay real estate fees or commission? Here’s how to know if you’re on the hook. Read more at Realtor…

As you make your agreement with your agent, ensure that you don’t put yourself in a prison of sorts, where you are restricted to the deals that come through your agent.

listing your home with an agent

You may now be asking whether it is appropriate to list your home with an agent at all, or sell it on your own. The following post can help you deal with this dilemma:

When To List With An Agent And When Not To List.

You should list with an agent if:

  • you do not mind the 2 to 5+ months your house will be listed on the market
  • you are OK with paying 2 to 5+ months worth of holding costs (taxes, lawn maintenance, utilities, insurance, etc.)
  • your house is in near-perfect condition
  • you are in no hurry to sell.
  • you are ok with sprucing up curb appeal

you are ok with making the house available to have random strangers walk through your house nit-picking on everything they do not like. Read more at Realty Times…

Before making any decision, ensure you have looked at all the dimensions of your circumstances. Do your due diligence before making any agreement with a listing agent or cash buyer.

listing your home with an agent

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