The desire to save a dollar or a few hundred is always present for most of us. The fact that you have needs that are recurrent and others that are insatiable is enough reason to keep looking for ways to save money. That is also the reason why people would prefer to sell their houses without an agent – to avoid paying the commission.

Sell Fast Fair Offer - sell your house fast without agent

So is it possible to do this? The answer is a resounding yes! How should you go about it? There are different ways you can do this, as described below:

How to Sell Your Home Without a Realtor

With prices falling so far so fast in the residential real estate market, homeowners these days are looking to eke out as much profit as they can from the sale of their home.

Yet, with the record inventory of available properties, they can’t just raise their price.

Enter: For sale by owner (FSBO)

By cutting out the middle man and selling your home yourself, you could walk away with tens of thousands of dollars more in your pocket. It just takes a little marketing know-how and a lot of entrepreneurial spirit.

“A lot of people who are selling right now are doing so because they’re changing jobs or changing lifestyles and they’re selling by owner because they know it’s going to immediately save them 5-6 percent on commission costs,” says Eric Mangan, a spokesman for,… Read more at For Sale By Owner…

FSBO is one of the ways to sell your home without an agent. It is possible to do it if you carefully follow the advice given.

Sell Fast Fair Offer - sell your house fast without agent

It is also very important to be aware of the downside of selling your house without an agent, just so that you can avoid the traps.  Diane Tuman provides a comprehensive explanation of the implications of selling without an agent:

Pros and Cons of selling without an agent

All homes are for sale by owner. It is the owner who holds the title. Homes for sale are offered by (1) unrepresented sellers or by (2) agents who represent and advise the seller while marketing their home.

While many homeowners sell their house with the assistance of a Realtor, some homeowners prefer to handle it themselves. Selling your home without an agent can be a lengthy, complex process.

The basic parts of the job involve:

  • Pricing your house accurately
  • Qualifying a buyer
  • Advertising
  • Familiarizing yourself with basic real estate regulations and contracts

Coordinate the details of a closing. Read more at Zillow…

Understanding the process is a great first step in your journey towards selling your house without an agent.

Sell Fast Fair Offer - sell your house fast without agent

There are some tips that will really come in handy as you plan to sell your home. They are discussed in the following post:

4 tips for selling your home without a realtor

Buying a home is the biggest financial investment most people experience. When you are ready to sell your property, your first instinct is likely to search for a real estate agent, but while a real estate agent can help in many ways, this isn’t always necessary. You can sell your home without an agent.

If you are taking on this task, check out the following tips to ensure the best outcome.

Get educated

It’s important to research how real estate transactions work and any state or local laws that may pertain to your property’s sale. You can use the paperwork and contracts from your home’s purchase as a source and familiarize yourself with real estate vocabulary. Read more at CBS News…

You should now be a little more confident about selling your house without an agent. However, if you still feel like it’s a lot to take on alone, there’s good news for you! Sell Fast Fair Offer gives you the opportunity to sell your house as fast as you want!

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