There are times when you choose to put off doing something until the right time – in the right circumstances. An important move like selling your home could cause you to postpone your plans until a later date. In fact, doing this could mean a better deal for you, if you’re willing and able to wait. But what if your circumstances simply cannot allow for a later date? Is there a way out?

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Yes! You can still sell your house fast, regardless of the prevailing circumstances. More on that will be discussed later in this post. The first situation we’ll discuss in when you need to sell your house, but have tenants living in it. What do you need to consider? Rebecca discusses this in the following post:

Can I Sell My House with a Tenant in It?

You might want to sell your property for sundry reasons but if you have tenants occupying your home, selling it can be a little tricky business. There are various things one has to consider such as ensuring smooth eviction by current tenants, staging your home and finding new buyers. Following tips can help you make this transition smoother, without much of a hassle.

  1. Inform your tenants

Let your tenants know that you intend to sell the home. Though you can send a notice informing the same, talking in person is a better idea as your tenant would appreciate the gesture. Read more at Property Cluster…

You may actually be surprised to find out that your tenants would love to buy the house, which would eliminate your need for a different buyer.

In a situation where you are not able to make repairs to your house and you feel like you need to wait until you get the money, this may not have to be so. The following post explains how this can be accomplished:

Selling a House “As Is” Without Losing Money

Selling a house “as is” doesn’t have to mean heavy financial losses if you know what you’re doing.

On one hand, you are risking taking a hit on the value of the house.  On the other hand, you need to sell and you might not have the cash to make the necessary repairs.

Fortunately, you have options.

The first thing you have to understand is what selling “as is” actually means.  Once you’re clear on the definition and what’s required from you as the seller, you can dive into strategies on how to sell fast if you need to, or maximize your sale price by selling with a real estate agent. Read more at Real Estate Witch…

As you can see, choosing to sell your home as is doesn’t mean missing out on a good deal. You just need to ensure that you choose the best strategy to do this.

Sell Fast Fair Offer - sell your house fast

If you have a home on mortgage and want to sell it, a short sale is possible.  The following post will help you to do this successfully:

7 Tips for Short Sale Success

When you owe more on your home than it’s worth, but you have to sell, you need to squeeze every dollar possible from the sale. Here are seven tips for navigating the short-sale process.

  1. Know who you owe

A short sale has to be approved by any company that has a mortgage or lien against your home. That includes your first, second, or even third mortgage lender, your home equity line lender; your homeowners or condominium association; and any contractors who’ve placed a lien on your home. Make a list and start talking to everyone early in the process. Ask what documents they’ll need from you. Read more at House Logic…

If you are in any of the circumstances mentioned above, then you can now be ease knowing that you have the option of selling your house regardless of your situation.

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