There are varying opinions on whether it is a good idea to sell a home FSBO. Like you would do with any other information, carefully consider it and make a decision based on your specific circumstances. It is also important to weigh the motives of those who give such information and decide how to handle it. Ideally, the best strategy is to take it with a pinch of salt.

selling your house fsbo

So, if you’re serious about selling your house FSBO, one of the things to consider is the best time to sell. This is a particularly sensitive issue, because the wrong timing could cost you. Realtor experts have this to say about selling in winter:

#2. Buyers Aren’t ‘Just Looking’

Winter buyers are motivated ones; chances are they’re looking at houses this time of year because they have to.

This could be due to any number of reasons, including job location or time off during the holiday season. But chances are if they come to see your home, they’re not “just looking”, like some people do during the spring and summer open houses.

You’ll also have the advantage of attracting buyers who aren’t necessarily restricted by school districts or neighbourhood. That’s because buyers with school-age kids will do their shopping and moving in the spring and summer. Read more at Paul Rushforth…

Winter home buyers are often genuinely looking for a home and are more likely to buy the home they have loved at your asking price because they want to close the deal. So don’t dismiss the possibility of a good sale this winter.

selling your house fsbo

If you have chosen to sell your home FSBO, there are several benefits you can enjoy when you do it the right way. The following post describes them in detail:


Nobody claims that selling a house is a piece of cake. It can be time consuming and expensive. But the keys to selling a house are pricing it appropriately and marketing it successfully.

Sure, many real estate agents work hard at marketing your house, but you certainly pay for this help in the form of a commission: typically 6%. If you’re willing to take on that work yourself, you can save thousands of dollars and simplify negotiations with your buyer, since neither of you has to figure commissions into the negotiation process.

  1. Pay Yourself Rather Than an Agent

If a typical agent commission is 6% of a sale price, and you sell a house for $150,000 through an agent, you’ll owe the agent $9,000. If you have a house worth half a million, you’ll pay an agent $30,000. Read more at I Sold My House…

Selling your home FSBO will definitely require extra effort on your part, but it is a promising venture altogether. You stand to learn a lot through the process.

selling your house fsbo

One of the things you need as you sell your home FSBO is a good marketing strategy. Some of the methods you can employ are discussed in the following post:

Marketing your home For Sale by Owner

Effective advertising can make the difference between selling your home quickly or not attracting any buyers at all. Good marketing might not sell your home, but it will make the phone ring and bring buyers to your doorstep.

For Sale by Owner yard signs

The big red FSBO signs are the best. Everyone easily recognizes this sign. Some FSBO companies have their own signs. At a glance, buyers may mistake them for a real estate agency sign. For highest visibility, use the big red for sale by owner signs.

Directional signs

Place these at the end of major streets. Use several if you live on a low-traffic street. Write your address on the signs with a permanent marker so people can find your house easily (and to avoid possible theft of your signs). Read more at 10Realty…

You can definitely sell your home fast on FSBO terms. You can even sell it faster by choosing to sell it directly to a real estate investor. If you need to sell your home fast in North Miami FL, Sell Fast Fair Offer is the company to work with.

selling your house fsbo

We specialize in buying homes and relieving sellers of the stress of looking for a suitable buyer. Once you contact us and describe your home, we will give you an offer within 24 hours. From there, you have the freedom to choose when you want the home closing process. You don’t have to worry about commissions or even any other seller’s fees that you would typically be required to pay. We’re the solution you’ve been looking for.

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