Anyone who has sold a home will tell you that the process can be quite unnerving, especially if it is the first time. There is always that fear of being ripped off, or getting less than what you had anticipated. Another major concern is whether the repairs or upgrades you chose will be appealing to potential buyers. If there was a way to avoid all the trouble, most people would be happy to go for it.

home selling process

To start off, let us look at the overall process of home selling. One way you can simplify this is to know the critical things that must happen. Elizabeth Weintraub explains them:

Important Steps in the Home Selling Process

The home selling process is the same whether you are selling for sale by owner or hiring a listing agent. Certain details may vary slightly among the states, but I will use California as the example since the state usually sets the standard for much of the country. Some jurisdictional differences include the seller hiring a real estate lawyer rather than an agent and the buyer submitting an “intent offer” prior to executing a purchase contract.

To sell your home:

1) Choose a Listing Agent

A listing agent will represent you and have a fiduciary responsible for looking out for your best interests. Read more at The Balance…

Put simply, you should expect to go through a process like the one described above. Engage your agent as much as possible so that you know what you need to do at each stage.

home selling process

Looking at the process in phases will tell you how far along the process you are. If that’s what you need, the following post simplifies it pretty well:

The three phases of the home selling process

Thinking of selling your home? Congrats! Below, we list the three phases of selling that you’ll need to undergo as you list your home and move to a new abode.

Phase I: The pre-market phase

Prior to listing your home on the market, you’ll need to complete a few tasks. Not every seller will go through these steps in the same order, but we do recommend hiring a REALTOR® early in the process so you always have a market expert on your side.

Price analysis: Start by requesting home price evaluations from local Realtors. This will help you understand your home’s likely price range, and how you may work with different professionals to raise the value of the property.

Hire an agent: After you have a general understanding of your home’s value, hire one Realtor to represent you. Here are five questions you can ask as you interview and select an agent. Read more at Edina Realty…

A good understanding of the phases in the process of home selling will help you avoid getting impatient. For instance, during the first phase, you can’t complain since you haven’t entered the market yet.

The good news is that the real estate market players are constantly looking for ways to make this process easier. The digital frontier is part of the available options for selling your home, as explained in this post by Ryan Lawler:

Houzeo simplifies the process of selling your home

Software might be eating the world, but the real estate industry remains one market segment that is still operating in an antiquated world full of phone calls, faxes and manual paperwork processing. Startup Battlefield company Houzeo wants to change that, by digitizing — and simplifying — the process of selling a home.

To do that, Houzeo breaks down selling a home into a series of linear steps, and guides sellers through the entire process. The company has automated much of what used to be done by filling out paperwork, and has moved to a digital process wherever possible.

Those steps include listing and marketing a property, pricing a home, filling out federal and state disclosures, finding an attorney or escrow company, comparing offers and closing out the transaction. Read more at Techcrunch…

home selling process

I hope this post has so far helped you realize that selling your house doesn’t have to be an uphill task. However, that’s not the best news we have for you!

Sell Fast Fair Offer gives you the opportunity to start the process of selling your home in just a few clicks. You do not have to go through the three phases, or even go online to compete for a seller.

Do you have a house to sell? We will buy it directly from you. No, you do not need an agent or worry that your upgrades will not match prospective buyers’ preferences. You can sell it as fast as you want, and if you have no time or money for repairs, you can still sell it to us as is. Doesn’t that make your home selling process simple? Now you know! Call us today!