Selling a home in whatever circumstances comes with its fair share of challenges. There are uncertainties to deal with and decisions to make during this process. These must be given careful consideration if you are going to get a good return for your money. When you plan to sell your house fast because of divorce, there are even more things to consider. The good news is that it is not an impossible process.

home selling process divorce

It is best to decide whether you should sell before the divorce process commences, or during the process. The following post examines these options in detail:

To Sell Your Home Before or After the Divorce the Divorce? That is the Question

When it comes to deciding how to handle the family home during a divorce, there are always a lot of emotions involved. These feelings can be provoked even more if the spouses cannot agree on how to manage the property, or if there are young children involved. However, because a home is often the most valuable asset that a couple owns, it is advisable to consider all of your options and seek legal help as needed in order to ensure that you are making the smartest financial decision in terms of your property’s emotional and monetary value. Read more at Broxterman Alicks McFarlane PC…

Both options have advantages and disadvantages, so you need to decide in a way that will benefit all the members of your family and allow you to move on swiftly once the process is concluded.

home selling process divorce

In most cases, the house is put on the market during the divorce proceedings, simply because the decision has been made to end the marriage, and the assets need to be divided. Justin Havre gives advice on the procedure:

Selling a Home During Divorce: What to Consider

Selling a home as part of the divorce process can be an experience fraught with serious financial consequences. This guide outlines the basic concepts people going through divorce should know before they sell their homes, concerning the definition of ownership, the division of assets, tax liability and how to decide when to sell.

Establishing Ownership

For the purposes of determining how the couple can or should decide to sell the home, it is important to establish ownership. Ownership of a home where both parties have lived for a significant period of time (at least two years, for tax purposes) is usually defined by the state. Read more at Our Family Wizard…

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for everyone who needs to sell the house during divorce. However, your state laws directly apply to you.

home selling process divorce

There are general guidelines that you can follow as you sell your house. Lee Nelson offers helpful tips that can help you during this process:

Selling a House While Going Through a Divorce

Going through a divorce brings on extreme emotions, and having to deal with selling a home is one of the last things you’d want.

“I try to teach people to think with their brain not their heart,” says Laurel Starks, divorce real estate expert and author of Divorcing the House: A Guide to Understanding Your Options, the Pitfalls & Whether You Could-or Should-Keep Your Home in Divorce. She also is owner of Starks Realty Group in Southern California.

“This is a business decision, and the decisions you make now will affect your future. How you rebound from this divorce is directly related to the decisions you make when you are in the divorce,” she adds. Read more at My Mortgage Insider…

One of the options you may want to consider when you think of selling your house during divorce is selling it to a real estate investor. If you are in North Miami Beach, FL and you need to sell your house fast during divorce, Sell Fast Fair Offer is the company to call.

home selling process divorce

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